Capital Equipment Division

Electrotherm has state-of-art manufacturing complex sprawling over 96,000m2. Its manufacturing facilities include well-equipped machine shop with special purpose machines, Panel assembly shop, quality control labs and testing facilities for its entire range of products. Most of the critical components are manufactured in-house to ensure world class quality standards.

In order to provide alternative raw material to the steel industry, Electrotherm collaborated with world renowned Hylsa, S.A de C.V. of Mexico for supply of Micro Modules of HYL process plants for producing Gas Based DRI. Today, Electrotherm is the only Induction Furnace manufacturing company in the world that has its own Steel Plant (with an installed capacity of 360,000TPA), Ductile iron pipe plant (with an installed capacity of 100,000TPA), Coal Based DRI (Sponge Iron) plants (with an installed capacity of 200,000TPA), and Mini Blast Furnaces as well.

Induction Melting Furnaces for Steel Plants

Electrotherm gradually developed larger and larger furnaces for steel making and these furnaces were the largest indigenously made furnaces at that given point of time. Today, Electrotherm offers Induction Melting and Holding Furnaces from 5 kg to 40 T with Solid State Power Supply Units from 5 kW to 14000 kW. And due care for minimizing the Total Harmonic Distortion is taken by introducing 12 Pulse and 24 Pulse Systems from 1500 kW onwards!!

Induction Melting & Holding Furnaces for Foundries

Electrotherm has received worldwide recognition for designing, developing and manufacturing state-of-art induction melting systems. The key ingredient for success is its Solution Engineering approach that provides a range of techno-economical solutions to its customers for meeting their foundry demands.

Electric Arc Furnaces

Realizing the needs of larger Steel Plants, Electrotherm has entered into collaboration with a leading Chinese company for design, manufacture and supply of AC Electric Arc Furnaces from 20 T to 150 T capacity.

Metal Refining Konverter and Ladle Refining Furnaces

Electrotherm enjoys the distinction of being the first manufacturer to have the vision and provide equipment for producing Stainless Steel through the Induction Furnace-Konverter Route. These Metal Refining Konverters (a superior version of the conventional AOD) are capable of treating batches of as low as 20 T to as high as 100 T capacity post melting.

Both AC and DC Ladle Refining Furnaces for producing high quality steel are available in Electrotherm’s range of products. DC Ladle Refining Furnaces are suitable for operation on a weak power source like Captively Generated Power viz. Generating Sets (these can be either Diesel/Gas based) or on power that is produced by Power Plants using WHRB and FBC. The DC version of LRF finds its suitability for smaller heat sizes of 15 T also. AC Lade Refining Furnaces are also available for treating batches from 15-150 T capacity.

Ladle Refining Furnaces improve overall productivity of Steel Plants apart from their significant contribution in desulphurisation process.

Submerged Arc Furnace for Ferro Alloys

For smelting and Ferro Alloy production from 1200 to 80,000kVA (1.2MVA-80MVA) Electrotherm has already executed a Ferro Alloy plant of 16.5 MVA in Bahrain.

Induction Heating & Hardening Equipment

Custom built Heat Treatment equipment is an integral part of ever growing Engineering and Automotive sector. Electrotherm specializes in design, development and manufacture of induction Heating and Hardening machines for a variety of applications like Rail Hardening, Gear Hardening, Crank Shaft Hardening, Axle Hardening, Bar/Billet Heating, Cookware Bottom Brazing, Tube Welding, Annealing, Epoxy Coating, Pipe Bending etc.

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