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Our Engineering and Projects division is the oldest business of Electrotherm since it started operations in 1983. This has been the identity of Electrotherm.

We focus on manufacturing induction melting furnaces, heating and hardening furnaces and other steel making and refining equipments. We also provide turnkey solutions for steel-making through various steel-making routes including Arc and Induction. With over 50% market share in Induction Furnace in India, we have consistently produced quality products and demonstrated product leadership.

We have recently developed and dispatched world’s largest Induction Furnace (40 Ton) for melting application. This furnace, with a new design, is expected to reduce the cost of manufacturing steel considerably through the Induction route.

Besides selling equipments in the domestic market, we have substantial experience of selling in the international markets in over 30 countries across Asia, Middle-East and Africa. Till date, we have installed over 2650 furnaces in India and over 380 across the world. Of the overseas installations, most of them have been as a part of EPC / turnkey solutions.

Our presence in Induction heating and hardening equipments is also growing. Since India is a preferred supplier for auto components, the foundry sector is seeing steady growth resulting in increasing demand for heating and hardening equipments.

We have also added "Transformer manufacturing" to our product portfolio. With a focus on the growing power sector, we are adding products like Static VAR compensators and Dynamic power factor compensation systems.

Recent Developments

  1. Induction Melting
    • 40 ton / 14 MW Induction melting furnace already supplied and commissioned, the cost of production is less by about 600 / ton compared to 20 ton furnace.
    • Efficiency of 10 to 25 ton capacity furnace has been increased; the reduction of energy consumption is to the tune of 25 - 50 units/ton.
    • IGBT power supply for foundry furnace up to 1000 KW is developed and supplied having constant power factor of 0.98 and power sharing features.
    • Level two and three automation to improve operational efficiency and increase utilization factor up to 92%.
  2. Development of high frequency power supply for pipe welding and surface hardening application.
  3. Dynamic power factor correction system and thyristor switched capacitor bank
    • Dynamic power factor correction system being developed by the Company is state of the art FPGA based fast controller which gives fast response time to correct the PF almost instantaneously. First 350 KVAr capacitor is supplied and under operation.
  4. De-Phos and De- Sulph in Induction Furnace
    • Of late, since last 3 to 4 years use of Direct Reduced Iron (DRI) has increased to the tune of 70 % to 80%, which has aggravated the issue of higher Phosphorus and Sulfur level in steel produced through Induction Furnace route. First equipment for the De-Phos is supplied and is under commissioning. This will open up new avenues to those who use induction furnace to produce steel using higher percentage of DRI and new route getting established to produce quality steel in small size (50,000 to 2,50,000 tons / annum) which is economically competitive to ARC furnace route.

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