Steel Division

Our product portfolio includes niche and value-added products such PG approved angles and structures for Transmission Line Tower and Wind Mill applications, Stainless Steel for Industrial application and Mild Steel & Carbon Steel for Structural/forging applications. The company has also established a 0.2 million TPA Ductile Iron pipe-making capacity in this plant to emerge as the one of the largest producers of DI pipes in the country.

Manufacturing Facility

Electrotherm has setup a state-of-the-art, well integrated, 5.25 lakh tons per annum manufacturing facility at Kutch. The plant has three induction furnaces of 20 Ton capacity, one DC LRF and one 2-Strand CCM in SMS 1; and two induction furnaces of 20 T capacity, one 25 T MRK, one AC LRF, Vacuum Degassing and 2-Strand CCM in SMS 2.

With the integration of Hans Ispat steel facility which has a capacity of 0.72 lakh TPA, we now have a total capacity of 0.6 million TPA, making us the largest producer of steel in Gujarat.

Product Portfolio

Electro DI Pipe
Introduction of Electrotherm Ductile Iron pipes is a result of our constant endeavour towards ensuring better quality of life. DI pipes developed by Electrotherm provide an excellent medium of transporting water keeping its quality intact. Currently, we are one of the leading manufacturers of DI Pipe in India.

High Quality Steel Billets
Electrotherm’s Steel plant spreads on a green belt with 360,000 TPA capacity. The Steel Billets manufactured at Electrotherm are used around the globe by various industries. The high-quality refining of steel ensures the strength and endurance for our product.

Electro TMT Plus Bars
"Electro TMT plus" bars are high quality construction steel with superior shape, quality and better mechanical & mellatturigical properties. ‘Electro TMT Plus’ is one of the most preferred TMT bars in Gujarat.

Electro TMT CRS Gold Bars
Electrotherm has also developed Corrosion Resistant Steel (CRS) Bars for ensuring longer life of high quality and expensive structures. These bars are marketed in the name of "Electro CRS Gold".

Stainless Steel
Electrotherm quality stainless steel caters to international specification. The application ranges from utensils to industry.

Electro TLT Angles & Structurals
Electrotherm has set up a state-of-the-art structural rolling mill for rolling angles suitable for transmission line tower and other engineering applications.

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