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Sustainable development is integral to Electrotherm’s overarching business model.



At ET you shape your own career. We provide the framework in which you will set your goals, test the limits and win recognition and reward for your performance. When you join ET, your career roadmap is charted, but you will be able to remap it to higher levels based on your skills, performance and merit. This performance oriented culture will give you an opportunity for all-round development and growth along with the organization. So take that first step and turn it into a giant leap.

We have diverse backgrounds, talents, experiences, and interests, but share a spirit of teamwork and a commitment to delivering quality results. We support each other all the way and collaborate rather than compete.

At ET, we follow the philosophy of “There is always a better way of doing things” and constantly challenge our process, procedure & standard and carry out necessary improvements. We fully understand the significance of our task in meeting the company goals and objectives. Believing people the strongest seed of future growth, we nurture them and care them under the People First initiatives. The only meta-enabler at ET is; to enhance the work capability of people on continuous basis. Electrotherm (I) Ltd provides equal opportunities of employment.


Electrotherm aspires to become a great place to work. ET is a place where engineers feel the joy of innovation. It is an ideal destination for passionate technocrats. If you are looking for a career that offers both professional growth and personal fulfillment, you have come to the right place. The high road of opportunity is open to all. You could be one of them to reach to the top.

Electrotherm offers multiple career options across all its business lines. Every career avenue reflects the Company’s strong people orientation. We believe that People are the most appreciating asset and therefore we invest in them. We find people as the only differentiating factor from our competition.